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  • Causes of Depression From a Biological Perspective

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  • Biological PerspectiveBiological Perspective . Chapter 2 Serotonin—sleep, mood, appetite; related to depression. Wernicke’s area—damage to this area causes what? … Fetch Content YouTube – Broadcast Yourself.I now take hydrocodone, valuim, and flexeril from nerve damage and scare tissue that causes severe pain from back surguries. I really do not like taking this medication but it eases my pain. … View Video Psychological DisordersThe Bio-Psycho-Social Perspective. How biological, psychological, and social factors interact to produce Does not provide information on causes; Does not provide information on treatment Theories of Depression . 1- Biological explanations emphasize genetic and brain chemistry. … Fetch Doc YouTube – Broadcast Yourself.Religion builds false walls in your mind, narrowing your perspective. etc. God made human to life for us to live in peace and harmony. premarital sex´╗┐ causes disease I encourage  ...

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