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Depression Test, What It Is

Depression affects many people yet not all those who suffer are aware of their condition. Generally speaking, you can suspect depression if the blues just won’t go away. Characteristic symptoms of clinical depression include feelings of sadness or sorrow that linger for more than two weeks, disinterest in old activities that used to be enjoyable, and inability to keep up with the daily routine. If you are exhibiting these symptoms, you may confirm if you do have depression by taking a depression test.

Goldberg Depression Test

There are many different versions of depression tests used by physicians and patients alike but the most popular is the Goldberg depression test. It was designed by Dr. Ivan Goldberg and there are 18 questions about your mood and feelings during the week. You will respond to the each item by indicating the level of your agreement on a scale of zero to five. All responses are added up and the sum will determine your depression level. You may also use this depression test to monitor any changes in your mood and improvements in your symptoms. Any increase or decrease of at least 5 points in your total test score is considered significant and should be examined by your doctor.

Beck Depression Test

Another depression test that is commonly used by many mental health care providers is the one developed by Dr. Aaron Beck. It is a 21 multiple-choice questionnaire based on the different depression symptoms enumerated in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. The person answers the questions according to his actual experiences during the immediately preceding 2 weeks. A score is given to each response and the sum of all these scores indicates the severity of the depressive symptoms and the need for further evaluation and treatment. The result of this depression test also implies on how the sufferer copes with the physical and psychological requirements of his daily activities.

Taking the Depression Test

Only a qualified health professional can give you an accurate and reliable diagnosis of your condition and recommend the appropriate treatment. However, you still need to take the necessary depression test to aid the practitioner in assessing the severity of your condition. Self-administered depression tests are particularly helpful in providing the necessary information that your doctor would need in planning your treatment program. Depression tests also serve as indicators of the specific problem areas that need to be looked into more closely. Therefore, if you are or someone close to you is manifesting tell-tale signs of depression do take a depression test and consult with your doctor immediately.

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