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How Much Do You Know About depression?
Period, pre-menopause and menopause. New and existing responsibilities at home and at Viral infections can cause the same symptoms as depression. ■Substance abuse. Excessive intake of drugs or alcoholic beverages can cause individuals … Access Content

P OSITION S TATEMENT – Estrogen And Progestogen Use In …
Menopause: The Journal of The North American Menopause Society heartdisease Y Dementia Y Depression Y Diabetesmellitus Y Endometrial cancer Y Estrogen Y compounded preparations are viewed as experimental drugs … Return Doc

Can't Lose Weight Even AFTER DIETS AND EXERCISE ?! – YouTube
Some prescription drugs used to treat depression, mood disorders, seizures, migraines, blood pressure, and diabetes can cause weight gain, from a modest You May Be Gaining Weight Because of Menopause Women reach menopause at a range of ages, but most are in midlife and are often less … View Video

Menopause Hormone & Brain Chemisty Expert Interview: "Female … Hormone and menopause expert, Mia Lundin says millions of American American women are being misdiagnosed, mistreated, and mismedicated with prescription drugs Female anxiety, midlife crisis, chronic depression, sleep disorders, and female reproductive … View Video

Depression — Photonovella
Our recorded messages span a wide range of topics, including: • facts on mental health, alcohol and drugs • information changes in the menstrual cycle • during pregnancy • after giving birth or miscarrying • in the years leading to menopause and menopause itself, when periods stop. DEPRESSION IN … View Full Source

Menopause And Menopause Treatments
• Have mood swings (which are not the same as depression) • Cry more for example. And other drugs may help with bone loss. menopause does not always occur • An immune system problem in … Visit Document

A Natural Approach To Menopause
To Menopause By Dale Kiefer For the last few decades, doctors have had a simple solution for menopause: writing prescriptions for estrogen drugs. not require a prescription. 6-18 This article reviews the latest research findings concerning menopause-related health conditions— ranging from depression … Fetch Here

Menopausal Symptoms, Insomnia & Anxiety
MENOPAUSE, INSOMNIA & ANXIETY PAGE 1 Menopausal Symptoms, Insomnia & Anxiety Initial Symptoms-* Severe battled severe colds, frequent sinus infections and hive outbreaks, with memory problems, depression She went to her doctor who prescribed two anxiety drugs. … Fetch Doc

Section G Hormonal drugs
201 P rescription hormonal drugs—including contraceptives, menopause hormone therapy (HT), androgens, select ive estrogen-receptor modulators (SERMs; now termed Less common side effects include change in libido, depression, and nervousness. … Doc Retrieval

Differential Treatment Of Depression And Anxiety With …
For this, including fear of death and disease, loss of a spouse or friends, medication induced depression (corticosteroids, pegylated interferon/ribavirin therapy, statin drugs, ß-blockers), substance induced depression (alcohol, ecstasy), malnutrition, cholesterol levels under 148 in men, menopause … Fetch Content

Depressive Disorders And The Menopause
These neurotransmitters also play a role in the mechanism of action of psychotropic drugs used to treat depression. 31 Estrogen. alone or in association with estrogen, for the treatment of postmenopause-related mood disorders. 36 Sexual Function, Menopause and Depression Although … Retrieve Content

Depression And The Menopause – Http://
Some drugs use to treat depression may also reduce hot flushes in some but not all women. Hormone therapy is likely to improve depression that develops specifically at the onset of menopause. … Access Doc

Depression — What You Need To Know About Depression
Depression interferes with daily life, normal functioning, and causes pain for both the person with depression and those who care about him Health Conditions and Drugs; Depression Medications; Depression — What You Need to Know About Depression … Read Article

DRAFT COPY – PERSONAL USE ONLY – Why Antidepressants Are …
Menopause International 2009; 15: 76–81 DRAFT COPY – PERSONAL USE ONLY 4 to moderate depression, while antidepressant drugs are needed in major depression. … Doc Viewer

Antidepressant Provides A Cool Choice For Hot Flashes
Frequently, the chemotherapy used to treat the cancer causes the woman to go into early menopause and experience severe hot flashes. Psychological Effects of Trauma; Cognitive Therapy for Depression; Tips for Managing Conflict … Read Article

Mental Illness And Menopause: A Patient And Family Perspective
Estrogen appears to have an effect on brain function, 4,5 and there is a body of literature on depression and menopause that debates the issue of whether or not Decreased estrogen production during menopause may lead to more symptoms of psychosis, and greater utilization of antipsychotic drugs … Read Content

Depression is a side-effect of Male Menopause. Contraindications: Persons Afflicted with Depression Should Not Use these Substances. Pharmaceutical Drugs … Retrieve Full Source

Ease Hot Flashes, depression
New drugs of choice. Because of estrogen's effec-tiveness in controlling hot flashes, some women and their doctors may Joffe H, Hall JE, Soares CN, et al. Vasomotor symptoms are associated with depression in perimenopausal women seeking primary care. Menopause 2002;9(6):392-8. … Return Document

Menopause drugs Compared – Consumer Reports Health
Prescription Drugs Used to Treat the Symptoms of Menopause • Consumer Reports Best Buy Drugs • 3 Hormones should never be used to treat mood swings, irritability, depression, anxiety, mental lapses, forgetfulness, cognitive difficulties, reduced libido, urinary incontinence, back pain, chronic … Read Document

Hormone Imbalance – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Hormones are the chemical messengers in the body that travel the bloodstream to the organs and tissues. They slowly work and affect many of the body's processes over time. … Read Article

Clinic Online – Topic: "SKIN DRYNESS" Part-1 (24 NOV 2011 …
Viewers call in to discuss various ailments and diseases and receive a qualified doctor's opinion about over-the-counter drugs and their 13:14 Add to Clinic Online DEPRESSION 1 13 OCT 11 Health tv by HealthtvPakistan 49 views … View Video

Desvenlafaxine – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
AHFS/ MedlinePlus: Licence data: US FDA: Pregnancy cat. On February 4, 2009, Health Canada approved use of desvenlafaxine for treatment of depression in Canada desvenalfaxine succinate product as a treatment for vasomotor symptoms associated with menopause … Read Article

Managing menopause-related depression And Low Libido
BY LOUANN BRIZENDINE, MD ■ OBG OBG MANAGEMENT August 2004 • OBG MANAGEMENT 29 KEY POINTS P ractically overnight, the Women's Health Initiative caused women and their physicians to think twice about estrogen and estrogen-progestin. 1,2 Many are turning to psychiatric drugs that have been … Read More

2 MENOPAUSE: CHANGES YOU MAY NOTICE Before you began your monthly periods, your body went through many Your doctor can prescribe an estrogen pill or other medications such as SSRI drugs (mostly used as In some women, menopause is associated with mood changes or deep feelings of sadness (depression). … Retrieve Content

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