Say no to depression in just one click….!!!!! 2019

Say no to depression in just one click….!!!!!

Depression is not something like “One Size Fits All”. the causes and symptoms of depression vary from one individual to another. Clinical depression is more than just the “blues,” being “down in the dumps,” or experiencing temporary feelings of sadness we all have from time to time in our lives. it is a serious condition that affects an individual’s mind and body. it impacts every aspect of our life including eating, sleeping, working, relationships an how a person thinks. if they do not receive appropriate treatment their symptoms can continue for weeks, months or years.

Many people do not seek treatment for variety of reasons:

Some believe that depression is the result of a personal weakness or character flaw.People simply do not recognize the signs or symptoms that something may be wrong.

For those who don’t have any idea about what depression is all about here are some of the symptoms of depression. People who are depressed or maniac may not experience all of the following symptoms:

Sadness, anxiety, or “empty” feelings,Decreased energy, fatigue, being “slowed down”Loss of interest or pleasure in activities that were once enjoyed, including sexInsomnia, oversleeping, or waking much earlier than usualLoss of weight or appetite, or overeating and weight gainFeelings of hopelessness and pessimismFeelings of helplessness, guilt, and worthlessnessThoughts of death or suicide, or suicide attemptsDifficulty concentrating, making decisions, or rememberingChronic aches and pains or physical problems that do not respond to treatment

As I’ve mentioned earlier that depression is not “One size fits all”, i.e. even depression could be of various types among various individuals. the types of depression can be categorized as:

1.      Major depressive disorder: This illness impairs a person’s ability to work, sleep, eat, and function as he or she normally would. it keeps people from enjoying activities that were once pleasurable, and causes them to think about themselves and the world in negative ways.2.      Dsythymic Disorder: a milder yet more enduring type of major depression. People with dysthymia may appear to be chronically mildly depressed to the point that it seems to be a part of their personality. 3.      Bipolar Disorder: Also known as manic-depression or manic-depressive disorder. This condition is characterized by mood that alternates between periods of depression and periods of elation and excitable behavior known as mania. for people who have bipolar disorder, the depressions can be severe and the mania can seriously impair one’s normal judgment. when manic, a person is prone towards reckless and inappropriate behavior such as engaging in wild spending sprees or having promiscuous sex. 4.      Cyclothymic Disorder: A milder yet more enduring type of bipolar disorder. a person’s mood alternates between a less severe mania (known as hypomania) and a less severe depression. 5.      Substance-Induced Mood Disorder: Depression may be precipitated by the use or abuse of substances such as drugs, alcohol, medications or toxins.6.      Postpartum Depression: a rare form of depression occurring in women within approximately one week to six months after giving birth to a child. 7.      Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder: This is an uncommon type of depression affecting a small percentage of menstruating women. it is a cyclical condition in which women may feel depressed or irritable for one or two weeks before their menstrual period each month.

Clinical depression affects all aspects of person’s life. it damages our self-esteem, self-confidence, and our ability to accomplish everyday task. People who are depressed have no motivation and lose interest in activities that were once enjoyable. Depression puts a dark gloomy cloud over which cannot be willed away, nor can we ignore it and have it magically disappear.

If you see the symptoms of depression in your loved ones then you should immediately consult a doctor. if you are afraid of visiting a doctor at its clinic then you should know that with the help of online medical health care, doctors are just a click away where you can access them at the comfort of your home, workspace or even on the move. You will surely be assisted by the specialist whenever you need one and this will save your time and money which would be spent in paying a visit to the doctor.

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