Joy Joy Roy − An insight on different types of depression 2019

One of the types of depression is called major depression or most commonly known as clinical depression. When a person is affected by this depression, he/she gets into the state of gloom and all sad. This can be for a few days or may even last for months if left untreated. some of the signs of major depression include; lack of interest in doing any activity, lack of sleep, a loss in appetite or in some cases overeating, the depressed can also be affected by either weight gain or weight loss and the worst that could come across a mind of a depressed person would be suicidal tendencies. This makes depression a life-threatening illness.

One other type of depression that needs discussion is called ‘manic depression’ or bipolar disorders. When a person is affected by manic depression, he/she is faced with two extremes. The patient could at times be hyper-active and full of energy whilst at other times be all depressed and in a negative framed of mind. hence, the term manic is used to state this type of depression.

The symptoms of this type of depression are; having an ego and an attitude, shopping excessively, hyper-active, talkative and active engagement in extra-curricular activities. However, on the downside the depressed will be sad, unhappy and could get engage in carrying out risky activities.

Seasonal affective disorder or most commonly known as SAD is another form of depression. a person affected by SAD generally is depressed during specified seasons. For example: a person may be depression during times of fall or may even be at times of winter. one other type of depression is called postpartum depression; well this generally affects mothers who are in the state of depression after the give birth to their child.

To wind up, it could be seen that depression is not a mere sickness but a serious one. Thus, treatment is necessary for people to overcome this sickness. you can even start your treatment by laughing out loud in order to cure depression, which is a form of psychotherapy treatment. The other treatment is obtaining medication, although it comes with a downside risk of having side effects.

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