Look Around: 1 In 10 Americans Takes Antidepressants 2019

We really are Prozac Nation now. About 11 percent of people in the U.S. are taking antidepressants according to fresh figures out from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Antidepressant use has surged almost 400 percent, when you compare the figures from the three-year period ending in 2008 to the six years ending in […]

Changing the mental health blame game 2019

THE ”blame and shame” era of linking mental illness to early life events is fading as medical science identifies biological disorders in the brain as triggers, says leading mental health scientist Tom Insel. Dr Insel, who heads the National Institute of Mental Health in the US, said scientific breakthroughs connecting brain activity with illnesses such […]

The Collegian » Depression rates high for college students 2019

About two-out-of-ten college students have some type of mental illness and approximately 19 percent of college-aged individuals attempt or contemplate suicide according to Teendepression.org.  The National Depression Screening Day event at Fresno State and around the country attempted to raise depression awareness and promote treatment for those previously undiagnosed. Suicide is the third-leading cause of […]

Behavioral health makes difference in Soldiers’ lives

Related Links FORT HOOD, Texas (Army News Service, Sept, 29, 2011) — “We do make a difference in their lives,” said Lt. Col Sharette Gray, chief of behavioral health at Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center, or CRDAMC, referring to the more than 600 patients a day coming to the various behavioral health treatment clinics.”Usually, […]

Third Rock launches Sage Therapeutics with $35M in funding 2019

Drugs to treat central nervous system disorders are the focus of a new Boston start-up launched by Third Rock Ventures. Sage Therapeutics, the 23rd company launched by the 4-year-old Boston venture capital firm specializing in life sciences, is backed by $35 million in Series a funding. “We just want to make a major difference for […]

Bee Healthy: Turn a light on seasonal affective disorder 2019

• Loss of interest in the activities that used to be enjoyable. • Feeling tired and slowed down much of the time. • Difficulty concentrating. • Oversleeping. • Irritability and anxiety. • lower sexual desire and function. Symptoms of summer-onset SAD include loss of appetite, weight loss, insomnia, irritability and anxiety, agitation and increased sex […]

Children at risk as ‘pocket money heroin’ hits the streets

Police blame ‘Blue Boy’ pills that cost as little as 50p for rise in criminality in northern cities Saturday, 15 October 2011 Illicit prescription drugs that can cause severe side effects if taken in the wrong dose are being sold to children on the streets of a major British city for 50p. Mano 10, a […]

How Do I Get Rid Of Depression 2019

How Do I Get Rid Of Depression. I believe that the majority of us have become depressed at least a couple of times in our life. they say that women are twice as likely to get depression than men. the majority of the people believe that depression can cause your health to deteriorate. this is […]

Essential~Important~Crucial~Necessary~Critical~Vital Overview on~about~upon~with~in~at Bipolar Depression~Major depression~Melancholy~Depressive disorder~Depressive disorders~Despression symptoms Characteristics » Who Moved My Truth 2019

Affiliate Resurrection Bipolar disorder~problem~condition~illness~ailment~dysfunction in psychiatry is a~is often a~is really a~may be a~is usually a~can be a medical diagnosis~verdict~prognosis~analysis~examination~a diagnosis which refers to~comes from~is the word for~looks at~identifies~describes mania (mixed states~declares~says~expresses~reports~claims or hypomania) alternated with~by using~along with~having~using~together with euthymic or~as well as~and also~or perhaps~or maybe~or even depressed mood~ambiance~spirits~disposition~feelings~feeling (clinical depression) within a~with a~the next~inside […]

How to Differentiate Between Different Types of Depression 2019

As is usually the case with the majority mental health conditions, depression is also divided into many subclasses. these types of depressive illnesses are usually distinguished from each other by analyzing their variations as it relates to how their indicators are shown. Sufferers of specific forms of depressive illnesses typically show different symptoms characteristics with […]

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